Attitude Adjustment

Gary Larson Far Side

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I have a good friend who is relentlessly optimistic. No matter how bad the situation, he always sees the positive side of things. I swear that he could trip and fall headfirst into a septic tank, only to climb out and cheerfully explain how the contents are good for the complexion. He’s damned near bulletproof when it comes to attitude. Sometimes he is so optimistic that I just want to slap him. (more…)

Attitude Is Everything

Attitude Is Everything

So you’ve suffered a stroke and now you find yourself trapped in a body that no longer works the way it did before. You can act like you’re in prison, or you can make the best of it. Which will you choose?

Steve Wampler

El Capitan

This slab of rock is El Capitan. For those of you who haven’t heard of El Cap, it’s a 7,500-foot sheer cliff in Yosemite National Park.

My friend Steve Wampler, who is wheelchair-bound with cerebral palsy, made it to the top. When he’s not accomplishing the impossible, he runs a non-profit wheelchair camp for disabled children in the wilderness near Lake Tahoe, CA. (more…)