Physical therapy

So your insurance benefits covering physical therapy have run out, and you’re miles away from recovery. What should you do? Take ownership of your physical therapy, that’s what.

Get A Free Physical Therapy Exercise Guide With Photos, Illustrations & Instructions For PC or Mobile.

It’s almost like being a Physical Therapist, without the pesky post-graduate education requirement!

DISCLAIMER: We are NOT medical professionals. Before engaging in any activity posted on you should consult with a physician or a therapy professional. Got it?

I found this totally awesome FREE website that allows you to select from hundreds of therapy exercises, complete with photos, illustrations, and instructions, and then send them to your PC or mobile device. Keep your workout on your phone, and even send yourself reminder emails!

Click the link to go directly to the exercise guide:

Choose the body part you want to exercise, the level of difficulty, the available equipment that you have, if any, your age category, whether you want photos or sketches of each exercise, and even choose whether you want instructions for each exercise on your printout. The exercises display perfectly on your smartphone. It even prints out a weekly schedule, which you decide according to your abilities. It’s all up to you.

Check out the screenshots: Home Page Home Page


Exercise Selections

PTX-Exercise Selections With Photos (or sketches if you prefer)


Workout Schedule

Write your own workout schedule


Send your workout

Send your workout to yourself


Mobile Screenshot Email

Mobile Screenshot Email


Mobile Screenshot-with Selected Exercise Sketches

Mobile Screenshot-with Selected Exercise Sketches


Mobile Screenshot-with Exercise Sketch

Mobile Screenshot-with Individual Exercise Sketch


The Physiotherapists behind the site, from Sydney Australia

The Physiotherapists behind the site- from Sydney, Australia. Thanks, mates!!!