Roylan Forearm Skateboard

Rolyan Forearm-Based Skateboard, $193.99 on Amazon:

Roylan Forearm Skateboard- Underside

Underside of skateboard showing casters

Let’s go skateboarding! I bought this on Amazon after my second stroke and before I depleted my savings account. It’s a bit pricey, at $194 but it’s really built well. Impact-resistant molded plastic, heavy-duty casters, wide Velcro straps and a removable/adjustable handpiece. One-size-fits-all.

I strap it on, which I can do by myself. Then I use whatever muscle control I have left to exercise my shoulder. It’s great to practice “reaching.” Then, I move it in figure-eights across my kitchen counter until fatigue sets in. To work on my forearm, I use my unaffected hand to hold my elbow in place while I pivot in and out, away from my body and back again. It has casters to make that possible. There is no resistance whatsoever. I found less expensive skates on Amazon, but none that supported the elbow. I’ve been using it for about nine months now and it has really helped free up my shoulder movement. No more “Frozen Shoulder.”

Rolyan Forearm-Based Skateboard, $193.99 on Amazon:


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