Adjustable Fingerboard/Splint, $32.99 on Amazon:

The first splint is just for the hand. It provides welcome relief if your hands tend to clench into a fist. The fingers are held down with Velcro straps onto a rigid plastic board with a comfy foam layer that absorbs perspiration and provides padding as well. It is very comfortable. I wear them both all day long. Both are washable with soap and water.

Fingerboard With Wrist

Adjustable Fingerboard/Splint With Wrist Immobilizer, $36.99

Fingerboard With Wrist- Bottom

Underside showing metal stabilizing bar and thin green dense foam padding

The second version of the splint also immobilizes the wrist by extending the plastic board into the wrist area by reinforcing it with a metal bar on the back. Additional straps hold everything in place. I wear this one when I’m working out because it seems that every time I exert myself in any way, everything tends to clench up. Even when I use my unaffected side to lift any weight at all, I find my wrist on my affected side curling and my fingers clenched into a fist. This splint solves that.

At first, I had great difficulty putting either of these on by myself. Then I figured it out. Start by spending a couple of minutes stretching out your fingers and hand to minimize the spasticity. Then pre-loop all the Velcro finger straps and slide your fingers into them. You can tighten them once they are inside the loops. For the version with the wrist support, you fasten the wrist straps last. (Note: Freckled skin not included.)

Adjustable Fingerboard/Splint, $32.99 on Amazon:

Adjustable Fingerboard/Splint With Wrist Immobilizer, $36.99 on Amazon:

One thing you should be aware of: both of these devices ship directly from China. That means they take about a week or two to get here. Keep that in mind when you order. I emailed the seller in China to ask a question before I purchased and got a prompt response. I got these both in November 2016 and I’m still very happy with my purchase.


Compare this product which I did not buy:

Xaer Fingerboard

Xaer Fingerboard/Splint, $15.88:

I want to show you a similar product on Amazon for about half the price of the ones I bought. It looks like it does about the same thing mine does. However, it has lots of extra plastic sticking out there I’m guessing will bang into things. I’m pretty clumsy myself, so with me, this is an important factor. I also do not see that it includes the foam layer that mine has, so it may not be as comfortable. On the plus side, this product looks like the Velcro straps are pretty robust, and it is far cheaper. I can’t tell you anything about this one since I did not buy it. I’m including the link just the same.

Xaer Fingerboard/Splint, $15.88 on Amazon:



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