The Power of Habit

The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg, $9.02 on Amazon,

Charles Duhigg is New York Times reporter and Harvard Business School MBA. You can read more about him on his Amazon Author’s Page: Charles Duhigg

Although his books are probably intended for business executives, this one gives you great insight into your own behavior. Think you’ve got free will? Not exactly, according to this research. Many of our behaviors are hard-coded into our brain, and we do them automatically without thinking. There are reasons for that and Duhigg explains it all – how habits form, and how to build new ones. Necessary skills when it comes to making changes in your life. Very relevant to stroke survivors, in my opinion. We need to form new habits like daily exercises, for example, if we are going to have a shot at recovery. Why is establishing a new habit, or stopping a bad habit so difficult to do? How do you change? This book can tell you how.

The first three chapters are of interest to individuals, while the next five explain practical applications of his research for business. Finally, Chapter 9 delves into the Neurology of Free Will. Very educational read. I purchased my first copy in 2013, two years before my first stroke. Gave it away as a gift, and then ordered it again as a refresher of the key concepts after my second stroke.

$9.02 on Amazon.


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