Stronger After Stroke, 3rd Edition, $15.49 on Amazon: 

If you can read only one book on stroke recovery- read this one.


Recently updated edition. NEW 3rd Edition now available.

“This book is not for stroke survivors who are okay with where they are. This is a book for stroke survivors who want to get better.” – Peter G. Levine

This book is something of a Bible for me. It really is a “Roadmap to Recovery” as the subtitle suggestsLevine’s no-nonsense attitude and approach to recovery is a practical guide for all stroke survivors, regardless of their level of handicap. Here are the chapter titles:

  1. Stroke Recovery Essentials
  2. Recovery Hints and Tricks
  3. Safeguarding the Recovery Investment
  4. Cool Treatment Options
  5. Elements of Exercise Essential to Recovery
  6. Recovery Strategies
  7. Spasticity Control and Elimination
  8. Motivation: The Recovery Fuel
  9. Recovery Machines

Each chapter is full of realistic and practical strategies and solutions. I could write a book about this book, it is that useful. Here’s another quote: “Let’s consider elbow extension (going from the elbow bent to the elbow straight). Approximately 2,000 repetitions are needed to make the brain better controlling that movement not perfect but better. And that’s for a single joint movement.” This book reframed my expectations of exactly the scale of the work I have ahead of me. It probably will do the same for you.

Stronger After Stroke, 3rd Edition, $15.49 on Amazon:


It’s written by Peter G. Levine, a researcher at the Ohio State University Medical Center. He has written dozens and dozens of peer-reviewed journal articles on strokes and stroke recovery. This is the second edition of his book. You can read more about Peter Levine on his Wikipedia page:

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