Rocktape: various prices and choices on Amazon:

This stuff works. Designed for serious athletes, or people that injure themselves while fantasizing that they are serious athletes. For the latter, it’s available in all kinds of colorfully-printed designs. It also comes in pre-cut lengths if you have trouble using scissors.

If you are suffering from pain due to shoulder subluxation or foot drop, then Rocktape may provide relief. See my Shoulder Pain post for more solutions. It can hold the shoulder together when your muscles won’t. It can minimize tendons stretching farther than they are intended, which my physical therapist tells me is permanent.

If you just need joint support, this stuff works better than an Ace bandage, in my opinion. You will probably need help to put it on. It’s It comes with photo diagrams that instruct you how to apply it. There also videos on YouTube.

I recommend starting out with a small roll to make sure that the adhesive doesn’t irritate your skin. Mine is fairly sensitive, and other brands that I have tried gave me a rash. Once you decide if the product is right for you, you can save a bunch by buying it in bulk. If you like it, you use a lot of it.

Rocktape: various prices and choices on Amazon:

Check out Rocktape Australia’s vast collection of videos on YouTube: Rocktape Australia


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