Triangle Mirror

OPTP NOI Mirror Box Triangle, $60.00 on Amazon:

This is just plain weird, but I bought it anyway and it actually helps! You place your affected hand inside the triangle (where you can’t see it) and you stare at the reflection of your good hand while you do your exercises. Somehow, it fools your brain into believing that your affected hand is moving too. Jedi mind tricks, I suspect.

When it first arrived, I took one look at the materials and thought: “I could make this myself for 5 bucks!” Then I remembered that one hand is paralyzed, and realized that I couldn’t. They deserve a few dollars for the idea, building it, advertising it and shipping it out, I reasoned. It folds up when not in use. I use it every day for at least 20 minutes. After a month or so, my fingers began to move. It gets better every week.

Check out my post: Emerging Rehab Treatments. Mirror Therapy is one of the more innovative methods currently in use.

OPTP NOI Mirror Box Triangle, $60.00 on Amazon

Mirror Box

Mirror Box, $64.99 on Amazon:

Here’s a competing product for a few dollars more. I didn’t buy this one, but it looks like it does the same thing. The mirror looks smaller, though.

Mirror Box, $64.99 on Amazon:


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