Toto Washlet Bidet Toilet Seat

Toto Washlet Bidet Toilet Seat, $419.40 on Amazon:

Have you ever been to one of those gas station car washes? You know, the automated type where as you drive into it, high-pressure water jets clean your undercarriage? Well, that’s what the Toto Washlet toilet seat does! Except, in this case, it blasts your personal exhaust instead of your car’s.

The Japanese have civilized your trips to the bathroom like never before. Once you’ve tried this device, I promise you that going “Number 2” will never be the same. In short, you no longer need toilet paper. This bidet takes care of that necessity for you with heated water that oscillates at your desired temperature and pressure. It even has a setting to wash you from front to back, should you want to rinse off any additional equipment. When the cleaning cycle is over a warm blow dryer starts up and dries you off, just like at the carwash! Did I mention that the seat also has a built-in heater? That has adjustable settings too, and everything is controlled by a remote that mounts on the wall.

I received this as a gift after one of my sisters asked me what my greatest concern was as I was lying in my hospital bed after my stroke. I said: “The thought that my wife is going to have to wipe my behind like I was a baby.” Don’t get me wrong, my wife loves me and would do what was necessary, but I sure didn’t want to put her through that. My stroke was almost as hard on her as it was for me, and it had a huge negative impact on her life too. I didn’t want to add to it by adding toilet duties to the list of things that had to be done for me.

This device is relatively expensive, but there are cheaper models and brands available. I have heard mixed reviews from friends that own those models. Stories of flooded bathrooms and unexpected spraying after you have already stood up. Not a good thing. So, spend a few extra bucks if you can. The Toto Washlet is the BMW (pun intended) of toilet seats.

TOTO Washlet C200 Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat with Pre-Mist, Cotton White – SW2044#01, $419.40 on Amazon


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