If you are squeamish, then skip this video. It features a severed arm and hand from a cadaver. If you didn’t just finish a meal and are curious how your arm and hand are constructed, then proceed. I do not expect you to watch the whole 33 minutes, but it is very interesting to see how the muscles and tendons function and how they open and close the hand. My physical therapist can recite this stuff from memory. Hey, whatever turns you on.

I wanted to understand why my hand will no longer open. I figured that this would help me visualize what’s going on as I do my exercises.

This video was obviously prepared for medical students and the like, not for mere mortals. Drs. Robert Chase and William White from Stanford Anatomy describe the functional anatomy of the hand, including detailed descriptions of flexors, extensors, nerves, and musculature. Very dry presentation and full of difficult vocabulary if you slept through the prerequisite classes. (33:06)