Thermophore MaxHeat

Thermophore MaxHeat Deep-Heat Therapy, Large, Standard 14″ x 27″ (Auto-Switch), from $57.50 on Amazon:

A heating pad is a heating pad, right? Nope. This one behaves like it’s nuclear powered. It generates so much heat that it is actually capable of causing pain on your skin. I have an older model that requires you to hold the switch on the whole time. The newer version supposedly replaces that within the automatic 20-minute timer. Trust me, that 20 minutes is more than enough time at the level this unit (Model #155) is capable of.

They claim that this device generates “moist heat.” Supposedly, it pulls humidity out of the air to produce the effect. It does indeed feel moist, and you do not have to add water as there is no place to do so.

Anyway, this heating pad goes a long way towards relieving pain relief of all types, anywhere on your body. It really reaches deep into the muscles and forces them to relax. When I’m in pain this thing is great. Read my post on Shoulder Pain Solutions for other helpful remedies.

Thermophore MaxHeat Deep-Heat Therapy, Large, Standard 14″ x 27″ (Auto-Switch), Model #155, from $57.50 on Amazon:


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