The Plastic Fantastic Brain

The Plastic Fantastic Brain: Rewiring the Mind, FREE on Amazon Video (1:26):

The Plastic Fantastic Brain is a fascinating documentary video that tells the story of 4 case studies conducted by researchers in the field of Neuroplasticity.

  1. Dominique: Who was stricken with a rare autoimmune disease that resulted in surgeons having to remove the entire right hemisphere of her brain.
  2. Rajesh: Who was born blind; without optic nerves.
  3. Rick: One of the rare people with 100% total recall, and can remember every single day of his life, and every minute detail of every day, down to the color of the socks he was wearing on a particular day decades ago.
  4. Luigi: A man who at 32, was hit by a car while riding a bike, resulting in complete loss of all the personal memories of his life before the accident, yet can still remember complex facts related to his work, and retains full vocabulary and other functional memories.

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to form new neural connections in response to injury or deficit. In short, the brain’s ability to rewire itself.

Neuroplasticity is of particular interest to stroke survivors since we all have suffered damage to our brains. Often the damage results in the loss of functionality of one form or another; motor skills, memory, eyesight, etc. In the past, the medical profession collectively believed that each area of the brain was exclusively dedicated to a specific task. If that area was damaged, whatever functionality was lost, was lost forever. The relatively new science of Neuroplasticity proves otherwise. The brain can adapt, and function can be restored if new neural pathways can be formed. If you are interested in a good read on the topic, read my post in Good Books.

Stroke survivors can’t help but gain new hope after watching this documentary. I highly recommend watching it, as it is very well done.

The Plastic Fantastic Brain: Rewiring the Mind, FREE on Amazon Video (1:26):


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