When it comes to self-directed physical therapy, I have one rule: Consult with a pro every time before trying a new exercise that I haven’t done before. Why? Because nothing will delay your recovery more than an injury. This rule is something I adopted after I blew out my shoulder thinking I knew what I was doing. I didn’t, and spent 6 months in agony, and couldn’t do my exercises.

This site is by 25-year veteran physiotherapist Susan Ehler. She’s got a bunch of videos on individual exercises and stroke tips, plus complete 45-minute physio classes. The production quality is very high, and her easy-going and friendly style is very engaging. You’ll like her immediately.

Access to the site is free, but there is an opportunity to donate in order to keep the site going. If you can free up a few bucks, it’s a really great investment. It’s a great site.

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