Dragon Anywhere

Dragon Anywhere Voice Recognition App for Mobile Devices

Since my first stroke over two years ago, I have been unable to make my dominant hand do anything useful, let alone write. I do exercises every single day but still have not regained functionality. I also practice writing with my left hand every day, but it has become obvious to me that it will take a while before I can write past the elementary school level.

Not one to admit defeat, I turn to technology to solve my writing problem. On my computer, I have the latest edition of Dragon Naturally Speaking. On my phone, I have a separate subscription for Dragon Anywhere. Both are so accurate, that despite my slurred speech, I am able to record my thoughts with very little effort. I just talk – and it types. It’s that easy.

I use Dragon Anywhere most of the time because I always have my iPhone with me wherever I go. It’s so much better than the native Google speech recognition app, both in terms of accuracy, and the length of documents that can be recorded. Google can only handle a line or two before the memory buffer fills up. You can talk for hours on Dragon. Plus, the Google app makes so many mistakes that it’s barely usable, in my opinion. Dragon gets it right almost every time.

The mobile app requires a separate subscription: either $15 a month or $150 a year. As mobile apps go it’s expensive, but as in most things, you get what you pay for. Check it out: https://www.nuance.com/dragon/dragon-anywhere.html


Strokesite receives no compensation whatsoever from Nuance, the makers of this software.