Cutco Shears

CUTCO Model 77 Super Shears, $125.99 from Amazon, $125.99:

$126.00 for a pair of scissors? Yes, you read that right – and they are worth every penny, especially if you’re a stroke survivor. Most of us have lost functionality on one side of the body. This makes it difficult, if not impossible to use a knife when cutting meat or vegetables, especially at the table. As an adult, I find it rather embarrassing to ask someone to “please cut my steak” as if I were a child.

These shears are special. They are serrated, which gives them extra effectiveness when cutting food. They are machined to tight tolerances, bringing the blades very close to each other. This enables them to cut where other kitchen shears fail. They are very heavy-duty and will cut meat very easily, including steak and chicken breast, as well as vegetables, no matter how slippery. You can also use them to open packages and those impossible-to-open, plastic thermo-molded shells. They fit both right and left-handers and disassemble easily for cleaning.

We have several cheap pairs of kitchen shears. But, I keep my Cutco shears at the table next to my fork and spoon. I can cut virtually anything without help. Get a pair – you will be glad that you did.


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