Can Opener

Automatic One Touch Electric Can Opener, (2 Pack), Assorted Colors, $29.99 from Amazon:

Many stroke victims, including me, have lost the use of their arm and hand on one side of their body. This makes what used to be simple tasks quite difficult. Even something so mundane as opening a can of food becomes difficult because you’ve lost the ability to hold the product in place while the other one does the actual work.

Manual can openers and traditional motorized units often require you to hold the can in place to operate them. Not so with this unit. You just set the can on the counter, push the button, and watch it rotate around the can, cutting the lid as it completes the orbit. It does the job just fine.

Hands-Free Operation
Having said that, this thing is not designed to last. It’s a cheap import, using plastic and cheap-quality metal for the blade. That means after several months it will likely slow down and fail to open the can. That’s okay with me, because it’s very inexpensive. In fact, this Amazon seller markets them as a 2-pack, presumably to make the invoice large enough to cover the cost of Amazon’s free shipping program. When the opener eventually dies on me, I’ve got a spare waiting. I’m already on my second set of 2 since the summer of 2015 when I had my first stroke.

If you are okay with cheap products that are designed to eventually wear out and be replaced, then you should be happy with this opener.

Automatic One Touch Electric Can Opener, (2 Pack), Assorted Colors, $29.99 from Amazon:


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